Will someone please call a surgeon, who can crack my ribs and repair this broken heart...

Some of my stones are missing :( Must fix asap!

(DIY Pacsun rib cage tee old, Sans Souci crochet shorts, H&M Faux Fur bag, Betsey Johnson lip earrings, lip ring, Claires "Love ring", Hello Kitty watch)

     Yay! Look out- next post i will be holding my first give-away!! Im really excited to send something out to my readers :)
     Now on to my outfit!! So i have had this shirt i had for awhile, i bought it at PacSun 20,000 years ago but i never wore it cause` i didn't like the way it fit me. So, i DIY'ed it into a crute crop tank. I LOVE it now ! :) Had to pair it with my crochet shorts and my sweet patent Mary-Janes. My red and black Hello kitty watch was a must along with my red rhine stone lip ring from Butler & Wilson and my "matching" Betsey Johnson Lip earrings. Hope you like, all comments are appreciated :)



  1. You look beautiful :) And love those rings!

    xoxo Eeva


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