(Oval Ruby earrings, Forever 21 necklace)

(Forever 21 Cuff, Peacock ring)

Peacock Ring w/ purple stones

(Printed skirt- Charlotte Russe)

Handcrafted in Bahamas Peacock bag

(Charlotte Russe Velvet slingback wedges, DKNY bustier)

     Hello Sunshines! Today I'm in a very good mood because i can finally see the sun! This past week has been so terrible and black out, we had tropical storm Debbie come through Florida and it was shitty and flooded. There are lakes everywhere that have sprung up out of the blue, and you could hardly drive without letting water seep through your doors. Forget leaving the house if you care about your interior and outfit! But today we were finally able to take some good photos, the sun was shining and i am happy :) When I went to the Bahamas i got this amazing peacock bag, hand-sewn by the locals.(If i haven't already expressed enough how much i love peacocks). I had to have it and didn't even try and bargain because it was worth every cent they wanted. The colors are great and really gave me a south asian inspiration, like inside a genies lamp! So i created my outfit around it. I really like to start with one new or interesting piece, commit to it, and build on it -that way i can be less of my indecisive self. Does anyone else do that? Anywho, the print on this skirt also brought the feel i was looking for, so i paired the two together for a very Indian vibe- I love it. This gold and beaded necklace went well two, along with my other gold accessories- two of my favorite peacock rings and, some ruby earrings, and my bronze cuff. I wish I would have worn different shoes other than my velvet wedges sling-backs but I don't know what other ones to wear? Any ideas? Oh and random factoid- the Peacock is the national bird of India, i had no idea when i put this together though ha ;)



  1. haha what a funny coincidence that the peacock happens to be the national bird of India! the detail on the bag is just stunning. I think you did a really great job in mixing up all the different prints from your bag, accessories and skirt- it could look really overwhelming, but you make it work so well! :)

    1. Haha i'snt it? Thank you so much, yeah i was a little iffy at first with combining all the prints and colors, but I'm glad you think so!! XO


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