Mini fashion Haul!

LET ME TELL YOU! So since i have been broke for about the past month in a half, I have had to cut back on my shopping/spending expenditures. Translation: No indulging on Nirvana rolls at Zen my FAVORITE sushi bistro, no Tazo tea... everyday that is.... No spending all the extra cash in my wallet on mixed drinks at Caddys beach club every sunday... and worst of all NO shopping. Literally none. What to do :( So thats when Momma called me and things turned around :) Being the sweet mother she is, she took me on a shopping. CHYECK IT OUT VVVV

For those of you who know about my obsession with anything and everything that is peacock, i even have a peacock feather tattooed on my hip. And now i have found WEDGESS!!!!!! Yes, i found peacock wedges, the cutest ones might i add and only left in my size!! I'm so happy. I have so much peacock things, my boyfriend makes fun of me and says that "One day instead of a Cat lady ill be the Peacock lady with everything peacock". But really.

A bunch of tanks- Enough said, just too damn hot outside, i needed a few new ones.

This AMAZING Steve Madden Clutch, i love the cream leather and "snake skin"

My new BABY! This bag is just so cute, i love the type of bag with the drawstring top and flap, but what i love most is the braided flap and strap, the front fringe tassels, and the pocketsss!! I heart finding pockets.

This tee <3


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