Friday, October 6, 2017

Journey of a Dollar- A Short Film

I think this was my first submission for a short film project I wrote with a friend a while back. This was when I first started college so yes, there was a lot of empty liquor bottles to use as props. I didnt drink any of course ;)

PS this was obviously an alternate universe where drinking 20 bottles won't kill you.

Go bum!

Check it out :)

Philippe Park Maternity shoot

Ugh how beautiful is she?! This is my best friend Megan, and I was honored to do her maternity session before little Knox came into this world. I can only hope I am a fraction of this amount of gorgeous when I am 8 months pregnant. We chose Philippe Park as our shooting location where she loves to take walks, and is such a lovely wooded area surrounded by water. During low tide you can walk pretty far out on the beach and it almost looks like you are walking on glass. The reflections and light bouncing off the water was a photographers dream!