Lacey Pink Love

Happy Valentines Day everyone! & Do i love dressing spirited. It was an amazing day out here in Tampa, FL around 75 degrees , sunny and not a cloud in the sky! Perfect to wear a corset and a mini ;] Me and my boyfriend had school all day unfortunatly but we made the best out of it between our afternoon break. We ordered take-out from an adorable little Italian restaurant and brought our food to Philipee Park to have a romantic little picnic. Our REAL vday/anniversary shall be on FRI when we go to the fair -yay!- When i got home from school however there was a trail of rose petals leading to my bedroom and it was filled with candles and a cute little bear was holding a card on my bed, along with the cutest little message box necklace I've ever seen! Shanes the best. He's getting a tad irritated right now that im blogging about it at the moment but he'll get over it tee hee. SO lets make this short and sweet :)

This cute pink floral lace corset  from Charlotte Russe is a perfect romantic and sexy item to wear on vday for obvious reasons, plus it matched PERFECTLY with these tights from Urban Outfitters, and this coat also from Charlotte Russe. Paired it with my sweet mary-janes and ancient Topshop envelope clutch. Oh and these pink glasses with hearts on the are a serious V-day statement ha.

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Much love, xoxoxoxoxoxo Natalie Danielle


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