Dont be fooled too easily

   Damn I feel as though havent posted in forever! Blame it on an overload of schoolwork and my friends stealing me away the other half of the time. ANYWHO! This is a very simple, laid back outfit. I bought this oversized cardi to wear on the beach in Mexico but you know I couldnt wait. These shorts are super comfy but they get stretch out a little too easily. Stockings<3 Thats all i can say about these beautys. I swear to you i had almost 100 people ask me "When did you get those tattoos done?!" haha fooled. Ok so the piece i want to talk most about- this scarf! Its hand made piece by Sarah V ( I found at The divers supply boutique in Tarpon springs. They have such cute nautical and beachy clothing/ accessories. But yeah. Im obsessed with this scarf. Its cut into fringe and its THE softest cotton i've ever felt- and there had got to be some spandex in there because its springy and just that soft. So props to Sarah :) Wearing my Rayban Wayfarers, and oh and I need to stop wearing these wedges -__- 

Have a lovely day!

P.S - Im so excited because there is a cold front here in Tampa (all of FL) and I can pull out some winter outfits yay!! You dont know how envious i am of all the cute shots you northerners get ;)

xx. Nat


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