Spring has Sprung

Right now I am on my Wednesday off from EVERYTHING. I have school Tuesday and Thursday and work sporadically, but I make sure I have at least one day to myself a week. Every girl needs at least 24 hours of ME time, and my day is Wednesday. Sooo, I thought now would be a great time express my yearning for Spring time and what is going to be in store for Fashion this coming season!
Okay so obviously we all know pastels are a huge trend this spring. We've seen it in all the shows, and all the lines but what else is there....?
Making some NAUTICAL waves
So this deep sea/nautical theme craze is sweeping the industry and i caught on board AWHILE ago. Not because i know any better than anyone else but because by father is so damn obsessed with anything ocean or sailing related i think i have an item of each type of clothing with something Nautical

The PEPLUM- How i love this shape! Makes anyones butt look great- might i add.

Jason Wu


BAROQUE details-
Never thought would be glad I took Baroque Humanities class ;)

Roberto Cavalli

PIN me UP-
Pin-up girls from the 40's and 50's have always served as one of my biggest fashion inspirations. Mainy because of my body type (A high, tiny waist but HUGE low hips and got some meat on her?) yeah thats me. But i've learned to play it up. Cherries, high waists and polka dot dresses come to mind anyone?

Prada 2012 Spring Campaign

DENIM it down
Recently just bought my first perfect denim blouse to match with EVERTHING! Now dont get me wrong- in my tomboy days the only thing I wore was denim but threw all that out the window awhile back- but now I wish I hadn't. Denim is the perfect way to dress down an outfit in a really chic way. I especially am loving the denim crop tops and vests this season, they are all so cute!

Tommy Hilfiger

So that is my take on some fads that we have all been seeing on and off the runways this spring. You'll see me highly embracing the Pin up vibe and all the rest!

xoxo, Till next time,

Je Suis Natalie


  1. Hi, I am just answering a question you asked on Chictopia: I was contacted by VedetteStore.com to do this challenge, so I am not sure how you can contact them directly about it. But in the meantime you can enter a giveaway on my blog for one of the pieces from their store!


    1. Thanks so much I was wondering how to get involved in challenges and things of that sort. :)I appreciate it, and I'm going to checkout your blog give away too xo.

  2. i adore everything! cannot wait for spring!! love your shoes and hat!! following your blog!!

  3. Thanks so much girlie im going to check out your blog !!


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