My First DIY- Embellished jean cutoffs


     Ever since i cut these old mom jeans into shorts i have been wearing them non-stop. But in the end i have come to realize they are BOR-ING. And until school starts I am BROKE- no new cool NastyGal cutoffs for me :( 
So... i set off to my nearest craft store to pick up some supplies to make my own! :)

Fabritac fabric glue 3$
Pyramid rhinestone flatback studs- 3$
Swavorski crystal flatback studs 6$

Denim Cutoffs
3$ @ goodwill

Its very simple, create the symbol or design you want on the shorts (In my case I used an upsidedown cross), place all the rhine stones down and begin picking up one by one and glue them down. On drop of glue on the back of the stone, and one on the area of denim you want it to be.

 One drop of glue on the back of the stone, and one on the area of denim you want it to be. Make sure you keep your design straight and even throughout the process though, you don't want to turn up with a wonky cross.
 (unless thats what your going for).

Now as you saw I started out with just a cross, like the one on the back pocket, but that was too plain for me. AND I really liked the starburst look so I added a bunch of Swavorski crystals around it and LOVE how it turned out! You can use any type of little crystals but of course Swavorski is higher grade, shine more, and came in multiple sizes which was nice.


Then after its all glued down, wait at least an hour to dry, and after 24 hrs they are washable. Then Voila! Your done. Cool embellished cutoffs for a fraction of the going price. TOTAL PRICE: 15$. And I still have almost a FULL bottle of glue and half of all the rhinestones I used. Oh and i just like to say the fabritac REALLY worked well on denim- a pleasant surprise. Hope you guys all found this helpful and inspiring! 
Please feel free to comment, and or ask any questions you may have! xx



  1. Ton short est canon :)j'adore

    Angela Donava

  2. love these! followed you, hope you can follow back!

  3. I love what you did to spice these shorts up. They look great with the embellishments.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

    1. Thanks so much, they really needed it haha <3

  4. You did a great job and I love your belt!


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