Spring Breakers!

I am so excited, next Wednesday I am going to be an extra on the set of Selena Gomez's new movie thats coming out called "Spring Breakers". Basically I am going to just dance around and party and look like I'm having fun- which should not be a problem- haha. We are asked to wear bathing suits of course, and cute beachy colorful clothes- ! We are filming on location at St. Pete Beach in St. Petersburg, and not aloud to take photos on set for obvious reasons, but ill for sure let you guys know what makeup, and clothes I wear on the set, what we get to do, and snap a few when I'm able! There are going to be so many stars in this movie, im freaking out just thinking about who I get to meet. JAMES mf FRANCO is in this movie, and i swear when I meet him I just might die. Also, Vanessa Hudgens, and Ashley Benson from Pretty Little liars will be in the film. Justin Bieber is also apparently going to be on set, but if i were him i'd be swarming off that beach as soon as all the girls in FL find out he's here. Any ideas for a cute "Spring break" outfit, I'm thinking either major neon, or major floral?! Help!

xoxo, Je suis Natalie


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