Spring Break Wishlist

Right now i really should be writing a 2,000 research paper due by midnight, but i really cant get my ADD self to want to do it. So instead I'm procrastinating by blogging to you all. This week is my Spring Break! Woo and Im stuck writing a damn paper right now. However after today i will be freeee! And i needed this, i need to tan, relax, pamper myself and get some much needed "chores" done.

This week I am getting together all my vintage, DIY, new and used items and starting up my store on Ebay again. I mostly used it for evening gown/prom dresses just to make some money on my side, but now i really want the store to reflect my style and be my creative outlet. So i will be taking a mass of photos and doing lots of uploading. Also I am doing a complete closet remodel, and putting in new racks and shelfs because my closet keeps vomiting out all my clothes. So i plan on posting before and after and showing you how to better organize your closet as well. On the whole living my life side... we'll lets just say its Spring break and I shall be doing a mass of partying, beach going, clubbing, earnin` & burnin`, and who knows what else. But in between there ill be sure to make some time for ya ;)

Other than all that sauce, I'm itching for my spring break in April, when i go to my condo in Cancun with my Boy toy. I've been shopping around and looking for inspiration for what to bring with me and wear on my trip. I made a little Cancun inspiration board and heres what I've come up with so far!

Till next time, Je suis Natalie


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