I wore this outfit out shopping with my friend Samantha, and we stopped and took a few shots before we got home. I love little white dresses, and the turquoise embroidery adds a boho feel that felt more me. The dress is beautiful, the only thing is its super flowy and it hangs a bit loose and 'poofy' if you get me, but on a hot summer day it felt nice to not be sticking to my clothing. It's so hot here in Tampa, if not for AC, summer cocktails, and the beach it would be unbearable. Over the weekend a couple of us drove down to Rainbow river to float in the constant 73 F temperature of the clear spring water, alllways refreshing and relaxing. More on that later loves!
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  1. So beautiful the pictures are! I really love the dress, but maybe i need plus-size prom dresses, because I’m a little fat.


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