Temple of the Wind

(Arturo Chiang gladiators/ Levi's cutoffs/Vintage crop top/Go Jane sunnies/Deb & Dave bag)
(Vintage amber ring & silver circuit ring/ Charming Charlie arrow ring/ Sarah J handmade leather wrap bracelet & wooden cross bracelet/ Lucky Brand leather clover bracelet/ Etsy skull & blue cross bracelets)

On about the third day in Mexico we went to the ancient city of Tulum to see the Mayan ruins and swim in the famous beaches. I've been a couple times as a little girl, it's a whole different experience being able to really understand the cultural heritage and significance. The largest temple by the sea is the Temple of the wind where we took most of the photos. There was always a cool nook of overgrowth where you can wind an entryway to the seaside. I guess I've acquired this thing for bell sleeves right now, second post ina rowww, but this vintage crop top is so cute and the print is rad, so I couldn't help but wear it with some denim cutoffs. Oh, earlier this day we went to an amazing french cafe for lunch and had the best caprese on fresh baked french bread I've ever tasted -the pesto was insanely yummy!



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