The Neighborhood

Yesterday was a chilly day out which called for tights and a moto jacket, not that I minded the ensemble, just the weather. I finally put use to my new DKNY bag for the first time, the light blue is perfect for spring. I love it. Shane and I have class thursdays in which we have a huge break for lunch, so we always head up to the Tarpon Springs sponge docks for some beyond amazing greek food and to watch the boats sail down the marina to the ocean. It's literally three minutes away from campus. We got there a little to early to eat so we took the chance to shoot some photos in a cool neighborhood we strolled through. This white wall was ascetically pleasing to me, like really pleasing.

Florida is really starting to piss me off with this cold weather shit. It's almost April, and your 65 out? And, yes I'm freezing at 65, so I apologize to all my up north friends who are cursing me under their breath right now. SO happy that a week from today I will be in Cancun, Mexico soaking up the sun...... oops starting day dreaming there for a sec.

(DKNY crossbody/Forever 21 Moto jacket/ Topshop circle skirt/ Sarah J fringe scarf/Bare necessities socks/Urban Og ankle boots)



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