Disney World!

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(Forever 21 shorts/ White H&M blouse/ Black ankle boots @ UrbanOg.com/ Deb & Dave bag)

New header yallllll!

  Lol. The weather has been really crazy for the past couple days, It poured yesterday and started getting randomly cold today and were supposed to be going into the low 50's -WHATTT! Sooooo, we haven't gotten a chance to take much photos, but I shall tomorrow! Anywho, I completely forgot to share this set of photos with you from Shane and I's Disney trip so I thought I'd post them now. It was just a spontaneous weekend and we wanted to get out of town; Disney World hit the spot. Belles Castle is there now in the new Fantasyland! A pretty classic and preppy look, these nautical shorts from Forever 21 are awesome, they go with so much and I don't know but they felt Disney to me.



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