Saturday, March 31, 2012

Its Saturday and this girl is ready to party.

On me:
'This girl can Party" tee: Local Celebrity
Black fringe shorts: Better B @(
Black faux fur bag: H&M
Black boots: Forever 21
Bronze cuff & ring- Fossil

ITS SATURDAY B******! This past week has been so stressful and non-stop (reason for my lack of outfit posts) and tonight i am ready to dance around and rid myself of this weeks worries.  SO when i saw this truthful tee in the back of my closet, i knew i had to wear it around all dayyyyyy haha, This girl can Party ;) My hairs acting a fool today so i tamed it with a bandana, and threw in bronzed jewelry with black fur accessories. Right now my boyfriend has taken over making our food and I am posting this, for we are going to head out in a little to run some errands and get some goodies for tonight. Have fun and be safe this Saturday everyone! 

Je suis Natalie

Friday, March 30, 2012

Metallic Flapper

On me:
Metallic flapper dress: Forever 21
Nude Pumps- Steve Madden
Clutch- Vintage
White cropped blazer- Forever 21

This past Sunday I was invited to an event held by Westfield Brandon shopping town called the Westfield Style Tour. The Tour offered free beauty makeovers, free professional fashion consultations with top stylists trained by Stacy London; who if you've been living under a rock is the host of TLC’s What Not To Wear and the Creative Director for Westfield Style. They showed us some of the new trendiest lines by popular Westfield retailers such as Bebe, White House Black Market, The Limited, Charlotte Russe, Forever 21 and many more top brands, it was so much fun! I wanted to wear a classic look but with some trendy metallic involved, so what better to wear then this 20's flapper inspired dress from Forever 21. Over it i wore a cropped white blazer and strands of pearls. I also used my GORGEOUS vintage clutch that im currently obsessed with, and some gold accesories with pretty pink jewels. Oh and to elongate my legs i threw on my nude steve madden pumps ;)

, Je suis Natalie

Thursday, March 29, 2012

"Spring Breakers"

SO yesterday both me and my Boyfriend shane wrapped up filming on St. Pete beach for the new movie "Spring Breakers"! Its a film my Harmony Korine, a really talented director, and stars Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Benson, Rachel Korine, and James Franco. Im super excited to see how all the footage turned out, we were on set from about 10:30 until 4 or so, and let me tell you I am bronzed! The whole time we were right next to all four girls (We were at a beach concert) by the front of the stage and Franco was rapping along with other local St. Petersburg/ATLTwins. It was sooo hot outside, but the crew did a nice job of keeping us all hydrated on an outrageously hot day in Florida! We had to wear bathing suits obviously, but abs. NO white or black, bright colors only! So, I wore my coral levi shorts, a crop top and a bright yellow VS bathing suit top with tropical lacey bottoms. I got to meet and talk to a bunch of awesome people and celebrities such as the director and Selena Gomez, Ashley Benson was extremely nice and so was Vanessa, not to mention James franco took the time out to meet all of us- so sweet! As I told you before, were not allowed to take any photos or videos, but I was able to snap a few of the outer set, some of the crew, and the hotel and beach bar where we filmed. Hope you Enjoy, and go see the movie, it's not a Disney production of anything, and these girls get wild! (Even includes getting bailed out of jail by James Franco haha)

xo Natalie

One of the cool  sound guys

Walking off set after HOT day of filming.

Beach House suites by the Don Cezar- The hotel where the pool party/hotel party scenes were shot

@ashbenzo (Ashley Benson) posted this on Instagram yesterday during filming.

Photo taken of the girls during filming, My boyfriend is in the green shorts and hat, also the blonde in the last photo! I have on my lennon glasses and yellow bikini top :) It was so fun meeting everyone, Selena, Ashley, Vanessa and James were sooo nice! Keep a look out for the Movie! x

Saturday, March 24, 2012

In my youth, I pray to keep

My boyfriend and I went to see Pilobolus at Ruth Eckerd Hall, and it was an amazing show! If you don't know, Pilobolus is a Modern Dance company, who tours and their show that is just AMAZING. They dance using the human body as their medium and build off eachother and other props. They did a really cool colaboration with OK Go, its up on youtube. On Monday i stopped into Nordstroms @ International Mall, and what did i find on sale?! These amazing Michael Kors booties with cute cutouts and buckles all over! So, naturally i took uo the first excuse to wear them, and showed them off at the show. I also pleasntly suprised at this piece i found at Forever 21, from one of their "Exclusve designs" for spring. the jean vest top is adorable, and the sheer maxi skirt is chic too. The Small was a tad big on me, (should have got an extra small) so i added a belt around it, which went well with my shoes. Threw on my oversized Lennons, and my amazingggg chain- and let me tell you this baby is like 5 punds around my neck-, grapped my Topshop moc crop envelope clutch, and off i went!

XXXXXXXXX, lots of love

Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring Breakers!

I am so excited, next Wednesday I am going to be an extra on the set of Selena Gomez's new movie thats coming out called "Spring Breakers". Basically I am going to just dance around and party and look like I'm having fun- which should not be a problem- haha. We are asked to wear bathing suits of course, and cute beachy colorful clothes- ! We are filming on location at St. Pete Beach in St. Petersburg, and not aloud to take photos on set for obvious reasons, but ill for sure let you guys know what makeup, and clothes I wear on the set, what we get to do, and snap a few when I'm able! There are going to be so many stars in this movie, im freaking out just thinking about who I get to meet. JAMES mf FRANCO is in this movie, and i swear when I meet him I just might die. Also, Vanessa Hudgens, and Ashley Benson from Pretty Little liars will be in the film. Justin Bieber is also apparently going to be on set, but if i were him i'd be swarming off that beach as soon as all the girls in FL find out he's here. Any ideas for a cute "Spring break" outfit, I'm thinking either major neon, or major floral?! Help!

xoxo, Je suis Natalie

Monday, March 19, 2012

La vie en rose

Ello poppets! I thought i would post up this outfit for my viwers on my blog, lookbook and chictopia first before i put this top up for sale on my Ebay shop. Im a huge fan of cute tees and when i spyed this one i just knew i had to share it with all you bloggers :) Its from Born Famous Couture, i found it in a cute boutique down in Hyde Park Village. The design is just amazing, i love the tree and the multi-colored roses, but i really love the lightweight look/material and the fact it is a v neck. It will be up for sale for 19.99$ with standard shipping, international shipping may vary. I wore this outfit yesterday around Ybor where i went and checked out some of the vintage shops and clothing boutiques. I HAVE to control my compulsive shopping though, its getting bad and I CANNOT , I repeat CANNOT spend anymore money before Cancun. Just two more weeks!!

XO, Je suis Natalie

On me:
Rose/ TreeTee- Born Famous Couture, size s
Velvet shorts- Kimchi Blue
Wedges- Forever 21
Stockings- Vintage @ La france
Faux fur bag- H&M
Floppy black hat- Vintage

Sunday, March 18, 2012

The "waking up to find you are missing an earring" problem, solved.

Are you tired of waking up from a long night out, or maybe just mid-line, waiting for your morning chai tea latte, and you realize that you only have one earring in? You might try and retrace your steps, but this never helps. This problem seems to loooove me, because i swear this happens to me all the time. This morning- right ear... clover? check. Left ear?.... *ugh* awesome. So heres my quick fix solution that doesn't involve getting your a** to the store and buying a whole new pair. Lets get to mix and matching!
Now it works really well when you buy sets as such, because you obviously have an array of choices of the same style earring. If you are wearing two toned outfit, pick one stud of each color and your ready to go!

Hoops work great too, and are great for color blocking. Say you have a yellow, pink outfit, like Stephanie from Steffys Pros and Cons  (one of my favorite bloggers pictured here), grab that yellow hoop you lost the other to, and add a pink. Voila, instant chic color blocking!

Feathers are my absolute favorite to mix and match! They don't even have to be the same style, just make sure they are similar in style and shape!

Here are the awesome cone studs my earlobes like to "throw out" when i go out, but i have so many now i can use multiple colors in an outfit, and since i have two holes on each lobe, i can use 4 colored studs!

Now, if you really cant find any other earring that is the same style-esque, its time for a DIY. And you dont have to be a pro at DIY'ing either, all you need is a little kit from the dollar store, or Claires or Walmart that has a little pair of tweezers, and some extra loops and clasps- pictured here. Next a ring, bracelet, necklace, or any kind of jewery, and add to it! Even if its just a chain, the earring can serve as a charm. All you do, is attach the earring to a chain link or loop, attach it to the desired piece of jewery, and close the clasp with the pliers. There you go, a new piece of statement jewelry!

Hope your guys enjoyed! Let me know if your try this, send me a message and ill put your picture up on my blog!
XO, Jes suis Natalie

All sets courtesy Forever 21 -  Shop earrings at forever 21

St. Patricks Day!

Hello my loves! Yesterday was St. Patricks day, and of course i love being festive so i had to dress up. I dont really own too much green, just a few things, but i stole my boyfriends Lucky Brand boxers here and turned them into high waist shorts and cinched them at the waist. Wore a bright green tube top underneath, my new white wedges, and my white duster. OH and Shane got my the cutest clover earrings to wear on the occassion, and let me wear his St. Patricks Cross hee hee:)

Friday, March 16, 2012

Velvet and Silk

I for one love playing with textures, and personally velvet and silk are my favorite. Not only did i feel amazing in this outfit- literally everything was so soft- but they look soo good together dont you think? This gorgeous silk camisole is from Bebe, and these velvet shorts are Kimchi Blue, from Urban Outfitters. To play up the classic black and white look, and FINALLY show off this amazing vintage clutch i added all gold and pearl accesories which includes this vintage heart bracelet i found at an antique store in Tarpon Springs, and this beautiful pearl bracelet my mother got me as a graduation present, they are authentic pearls from the Red Sea.    
This gorgeous clutch was my mothers in the 70's and im soo happy she kept in in such good shape, im in love with the little bow, the shape, and the gold detail! Its amazing, officially obsessed. I also did my heart pinned bangs again, i adore my hurr like this, i feel so pin up! I wore this outfit to brunch at the cutest little place called Breakfast at Tiffanys, so now you can see why i was so classically inspired ;)

Loving you all!!

xx Je suis Natalie

On me:
White silk tank- Bebe
Black velvet shorts- Kimchi Blue
White/Gold bow clutch- Vintage
Black pumps- Steve madden

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Polka dot and Peter Pan

On me:
Black and white peter-pan collar dress: by Misope @
Polkadot tights @ Urban Outfitters

I am in LOVE! With this dress that is. I never though I would look good in a peter pan collar; I already act like in 5, so dressing like it might be overkill ;) But no, this dress from by is absolutely perfect in every way, the peter pan collar, the shape and the white bow belt that came with it! The dress by Misope, and they also carry this piece in red- I was sooo tempted to but I controlled myself. Paired it with my black and white Mary Jane's that match PERFECT, and added polka dots into the mix! Im going to wear the crap out of these Polka dot tights, and polka dot bow earrings, i just know it. I feel so girly and youthful in this dress but at the same time the dress and polka-dots gives it a 50's Pin-up vibe, and well my hair does too. So basically i felt like a little girl in the 50's haha, this Betty paige meets Wendy. BY THE WAY, This is my favorite hairstyle to do, i love pinning up my bangs in a "heart shape" its so retro, but so cute. If anyone wants to request a tutorial on how to do this hairstyle, leave me a comment or message and ill definitely put one up.

       xoxo Till next time,
                                Je suis Natalie