Polka dot and Peter Pan

On me:
Black and white peter-pan collar dress: by Misope @ Gojane.com
Polkadot tights @ Urban Outfitters

I am in LOVE! With this dress that is. I never though I would look good in a peter pan collar; I already act like in 5, so dressing like it might be overkill ;) But no, this dress from GoJane.com by is absolutely perfect in every way, the peter pan collar, the shape and the white bow belt that came with it! The dress by Misope, and they also carry this piece in red- I was sooo tempted to but I controlled myself. Paired it with my black and white Mary Jane's that match PERFECT, and added polka dots into the mix! Im going to wear the crap out of these Polka dot tights, and polka dot bow earrings, i just know it. I feel so girly and youthful in this dress but at the same time the dress and polka-dots gives it a 50's Pin-up vibe, and well my hair does too. So basically i felt like a little girl in the 50's haha, this Betty paige meets Wendy. BY THE WAY, This is my favorite hairstyle to do, i love pinning up my bangs in a "heart shape" its so retro, but so cute. If anyone wants to request a tutorial on how to do this hairstyle, leave me a comment or message and ill definitely put one up.

       xoxo Till next time,
                                Je suis Natalie


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