Waiting for my Ruca

(Mink Pink slasher flick cutoffs -Nasty Gal/ Sublime tank DIY/ Forever 21 duster/ Urban Og boots/ Vintage snake belt)
(H&M sunnies/ vintage Silver bull skull necklace & silver rings/ Silver zig zag bracelet- bought it on the beach in Mexico)

I guess yesterday I was feelin` a little tribunal to one of the best band of all times Sublime. I remember cutting up this tee when I was like twelve on my friends floor, we had this thing where we just had to cut up every shirt we freakin owned. Not that much has changed but there is very few band tees in my closet that remain have remained untouched over the years. I love wearing a duster over cutoffs, its especially 90's reminiscent. Both the bull skull necklace and belt are awesome vintage finds that have turned into a couple of my most loved pieces. Rings too, thanks to my mama!

x Natalie

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  1. Love this look!!! May I ask what camera do you own???? Amazing photos!!!

    1. Thanks so much Taryn <33
      Yes I use a Canon Rebel T4i 50mm lens :)

      xo Nat

  2. Love this look!!! May I ask what camera do you own???? Amazing photos!!! ²

    You are so beautiful ! this look fits perfectly on you ! unique amazing belt ! acessories ... outfit.. everything !

    I´m follow you on bloglovin !
    A lot of kisses from a brazillian fan !


    1. Awe thank you girl!! The accessories are my favorite part of this look.

      Thanks so much!!


    2. Oh and I answered the first question above ^^ :)


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