Officially Spring Break

AHA! I finished my paper at 1900 words! Hows that for under achieving?! My back is fucking killing me right now, because im sitting here in my popasan chair in my fuzzy pink slippers, drinking the rest of my keepmeupuntilifinishthispaper coffee, watching South park re-runs, and I have been sitting in this GD chair all day! I feel like such a vampire, I want to know what it looks like outside!!!! Rawr.... stay away from me or ill bite chu.

Heres my life in a photoshell for the past like week or whatever xx

My first attempt at galaxy nails, eh??
My new awesome ass ring



Heres a lil preview of tomorrows outfit, I bought three pairs of amazing printed palazzo pants and cant wait to share a pair. Since its Spring and all I chose to first show off the floral more comfy pair ;)

XX check back tmrw, well today technically, Gnight lovedoves
, Je suis Natalie


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