Hey Loves! OKAY so I want to apologize for the lack of any posts, I just finished up finals week (GLORIOUSLY PASSED) and now it is Sweet Summa Time. SO I've kinda been at the beach for the past two weeks :) But no worries, I am not dead -LOL- so expect a new posts soon -one being my first giveaway!! Im really excited to be able to do this, so keep a look out!

A little Fashion update- I have been noticing so many "All American Summer" trends sweeping across stores, and i really love the classic look so i definitley want to try it. It almost reminds me of this new guess campaign, which i am shooting my outfit entry tomorrow :)

Anywho, I am about to take off to my mothers, yesterday we had an amazing mothers day together. sSeak lunch, and we went to Hyde Park, and upscale shopping and dining area, and it also has the nicest scenic park. SO we stopped and got gelato in the park, walked around Anthropology and some other cute stores, and then gave her her gift. I got her a mother daughter facial and massage, so thats where I'm off to right now! Cant wait to get my relaxation on haha.

Love much,
                    Je suis Natalie


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