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Hey Loves! So these photographs will be my entry for Guess's 30 years Campaign Contest. Yes i know,  close to the end -of course- but my Camera has been acting up lately and got me so frustrated. I sent it in yesterday to be fixed, so therefore bear with me on these photos. They didn't turn out exactly the way i wanted but i really like them :) I was really Inspired by this campaign, i ADORE the Guess style it has always bee a personal favorite, so when i found out they were doing a contest i was so excited! Their clothing always seems tailored to my body shape, and i love the "pin up" look they bring to the table. Their lines are so sexy and classic- timeless like Claudia. I am obsessed with their new Marilyn top but they were all sold out at my local guess :(. But then i fell in love with a pair the white jeans in the ad (<3 the zippers) so i had to get them! Since i really wanted to wear a "Marilyn Top" i improvised a little :) i saw this cute floral one at forever twenty one with the same style-esque so i wore that instead. Please vote for me on Lookbook, i would really appriciate it! XO

Je suis Natalie


  1. amazing pictures and outfit! love your knotted shirt!!


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