Bad & Boozy at Florida Cane Distillery

Another Saturday well spent at Florida cane! Still in an ice cream hangover after their "Bad & Boozy" ice cream social thrown by hostesses with the mostesses @travelwithnoelle and @st.pete_foodie! They had ALL of the alcohol infused sundaes, including a cold brew float, and orange cream sickle and my favorite, the strawberry short cake. All made with Florida Cane's in-house spirits plus @revicecream and @cocktailcaviar liqueur bubbles! Can we get a triple yes for locally established businesses?!


These ladies didn't stop short with sundaes, they also had some injected cupcakes for grabs, strawberry shortcake infused with Florida Canes Plant City Strawberry Vodka, and their brown batter and bourbon cupcakes with Florida Cane's Red Drum Whiskey.


A huge congrats to these lovely ladies for throwing their first event at the distillery! It was super successful and we had so much fun mingling and networking with so many local Tampa Bay Bloggers! I love that social media has brought us all together in a way to help build each other up! Having like minded, driven people with a love for content creation and the local Tampa area helps inspire each other. Community over competition is our motto.

I have to take a second to rave about Cocktail Caviar's boozy bubbles that are a perfect extra kick to every drink. They do not melt or water down your drink, instead just burst with extra liquor when popped, and come in so many different flavors like blueberry, raspberry and lychee. These bubbles are also vegan and made from kelp sustainably sourced, instead of gelatin so they are eco-friendly! They are right when they say "Once you pop , the fun don't stop!"

The cold brew float was my second favorite, I needed some caffeine to keep me going this day! Plus, even the whip cream was boozy!

Florida Cane Distillery isn't just a distillery though, they are also a tasting room! They are always hosting awesome events and their tasting room is perfect for date night or group outings. They are located in Ybor City's historic district and is even a stop on a bunch of Ybor's Historic Walking tours! In addition, for any hands on makers, they offer distilling classes to take home your own self- made Whiskey. They take you from the fermentation process to the very end product.

 Go check them out next time your in Ybor City, and tell them I sent you! They are such a great group of people who make equally are great spirits!

                                                                Cheers to Monday!


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