Fall Florals and Bells - St Augustine

St Augustine is becoming one of my favorite towns to make a weekend trip to. David and I came here  around October last year and fell in love with it! From the history and old Florida Architecture to the the craft cocktails and speakeasy bars- and of course we can't forget all the haunted houses and ghost tours.  St George is the Main Street we love to venture down and I swear we find a new place for dinner every time we walk down it. (You have to check out Los Caballeros below for the cutest outdoor dining and their Moscow mules!)

Isn't this dress amazing?! Courtesy of my loves over at Rue 21 who I'm partnering with for the Fall Season! Its the perfect transitional dress from Summer to Fall with longer bell sleeves and darker Fall floral tones. It was not too hot to wear in Florida either where right now we still have highs in the 90's. UGH- where are you Fall??

There might have been 3 Zoltan machines in this single hallway 🤣

That was Los Caballeros, is it not awesome?! We literally stumbled onto the place thinking it was another entry way to a concert area and nope- this restaurant! We didn't try the food as we were about to get Prohibition kitchen, but they had great St Augustine Mule with spirits from the St Augustine Distillery and Shut the Box which that David beat me at every time  -__-  I WOULD have beat him, I was so far ahead and literally my last move ruined everything LOL.

Prohibition Kitchen 

 I can insist enough you try Prohibition Kitchen! Their craft cocktails are all soooo good and they have a make your own old fashioned option- David was all over that. We had their frog legs which I was terrified to try.... SOOOOO GOOD. Almost a bit lemony too which I love. Then onto their PK burger... your must get it. Its the house burger with red onion jam, bacon, and an egg on top. (DISCLAIMER- I would never put an egg on top of anything but I was being adventurous and tried it and now have changed my mind on the whole egg thing haha) Melts in your mouth, with the perfect bit of sweet and savory. Not a fan of their fries though, kind of hollow in the middle but the burger made up for it.



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