2 of the Most Beautiful Napa Valley Wineries

Jamieson Ranch Vineyards

Driving up to Jamieson Ranch was everything I wanted in a Winery and more. The drive through the tree lined road up to the Huge Cabin-style Ranch was like a movie and the whole place was made with redwood beams and stone. The views were just as fantastic as the wine, especially sitting on their huge wicker chairs facing the ranch and the rolling hills.

Jamieson Ranch is super pet friendly and have pairing to go with all of the tastings! Its also located so close to the main road it's easy to get to from everywhere in Napa.



 Starmont is the more Modern Rustic of the two Winerys with bright and clean indoor seating but also an open outdoor area with covered lounge seating and that is pet friendly as well.

They had a really laid back feel and some great red wines, I loved their Cab- as you can see from my smile below haha! Also it helped their mustard fields were blooming so we took a walk toward their antique barn and fields and it was just pure gold!

I'll be posting about wineries in Calistoga Next! Keep 
XOXO Natalie


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