SO, if your having major questions right now- "What is this lone wolf person doing on my blogroll", "Why isn't is your URL the same"? Well my Lovely's, I have reinvented myself. That is, made my blog more me :) When I first started my blog last January I was a little timid to jump into the whole blogging world, but I have really come to love it and therefore here to stay for a while. A tad down in the dumps about the blog, I am waiting for this month to pass by so I can FINALLY get my Nikon D3200! I am so over bringing you so so photography of my outfits, life, style and everything in between. So In order to Re-vamp the site for it's arrival, I have changed my blog to "Lone Wolf Style". I have always called myself this, (along with countless birthday/zodiac books across the planet) I would be off traveling the world on my own if i had it my way. It also totally adheres to my Sultry, Bohemian style, and my alternate persona -Girly Glam me with major edge. I hope my readers like the new change, I know it is abrupt but this really more of the real me shining through and the blogaroo is going to get way better starting here! I'm changing all my links right meow so if any don't work, no worries loves they will be updated my morning :)

'Cause being fabulous isn't easy ♥
                                                           Natalie Danielle


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