Feeling a little Snake-like

       Hello blogging world! So im new to this whole blogging thing, but my New Years resolution is to be more involved in all my creative activitys. AKA Fashion, Photography, Writing, and being more stylish all together. I'm a member on a website im sure some of you Fashion bloggers are familiar with- Chictopia, and seeing all the women and men who are benefiting from their style posts really inspired me to keep a record or journal, if you may, of my everyday life. All in all i really want to get more involved in the blogging community and expressing my views on what to wear, how to wear it, whats currently in or on the runway, and whats popular in streetstyle. Since i am studying for Fashion and Business in the fashion industry this will really help me improve my own personal style, show all of you my inspirations, and push me to get myself out there, "showing off" my looks!
       So here goes- This outfit is my personal favorite so far of the few ive recorded, it incorporates a tan/yellow Boa Snake skin print which i think absolutely is the new Cheetah print this season. Its in all the new Winter collections, still in full force.

Prada Winter 2011/ Burberry Winter 2011 Collections


 Now heres my spin on wearing Snake skin patterns. I wore this outfit downtown, where me and my boyfriend Shane went to lunch at one of our favorite restaurants with an amazing view of the Bay -Malios. We walked off our meal around the city, and my boyfriend snapped some shots which I think turned out great! Tell me what cha think !?

Black sheer blouse  H&M 
Black suede wedges- AMI Clubwear

Even had on my Snake earrings and ring ;)
Black Crochet Sans Souci shorts- so comfy i must add!
And will you belive this is a Thrifted silk Ms. J top?


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