Butterfly Baby Shower

     Do you remember the one hit wonder “Butterfly” by Crazy town that sprang out in the 90’s? Thats what i was singing in my head the whole time I wore this. I Felt a little odd in this outfit. Its girly but tacky – in a good way? I wore this outfit to one of my girlfriend’s baby shower, and it was butterfly themed :) The party was so cute.

    About the outfit- I bought a little too much of the sequin trend this winter for new years looks (like I always seem to do) but heres how i still wear sequins! I found this vintage shirt thrifting at a really cute Vintage shop in Ybor City. Funny how I look at forever’s website the other day and BAM the exact same tops but i think they have a couple colors. My shirt was 6.00$ ha :) I had cute butterfly tights to match as well. Oh these super cute silver sparkley pumps are from Forever 21.

XOXXOXOXOXOXO I'm in a really good mood just got home from sunset beach with my boyfriend bestfriend and cousin, super good day !


  1. The top is amazing!! I had one... but I gave it to a friend... ( I want it back ) lol


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