BEAUTY REVIEW: Kate Somerville Skincare Line


Everyone woman who is serious about skincare will have a strict day/night routine and @katesomervilleskincare is my go to. In the morning I love using the dermal quench pressured oxygen on my fine lines to brighten and "jump start" my face. It's tingly so it wakes you up too. I use the Mega-C Serum as well. Most important to me is ending my day with washing my face and then applying the deep tissue repair which contains peptides and vitamins for cellular repair. Lastly comes the Restore 8 serum that's a little heavier for nightly wear. With all the sun exposure here in Florida it is extremely important to keep your skin healthy, protected, and moisturized, and this line is GREAT for it.  💕 🌸 🌸  

You can purchase her products on her website


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