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   I've always usually written in private forms, whether it be in diaries as a kid, notebooks, or what became 'blogging'. When I first got an Xanga (LOL) and had a 'hidden blog' where I wrote the deepest of the deepest shit, Myspace (awe) , then on Tumblr , ect ect. I've stopped writing recently, actual writing, and ironically I think its moreover because of social media.

    I'll be the first one to admit I'm addicted, addicted to making an awesome portrayal of how the "world" sees me (not that I don't actually live awesomely, cause ... I do :P). But i'll also be the first to admit, I absolutely suck at it. I suck at keeping up with social media. As a reader, you know I'm bad sometimes when it comes to keeping up with this blog, (not that I want to!) I'm just out trying to live in the moment which is a rare thing nowadays. I can never post an Instagram picture the actual instant, hour, or even damn day its taken. I'm too indecisive about what picture to post, or filter, or blah blah blah. Its terribly sad, I even have dreams where i'm never getting anything accomplished, or I go through a whole day, or even vacation 'having fun' aka taking Instagram photos without actually enjoying the moment and by the end it's all over and I didn't actually do anything. I still love, and always will, taking photos. As a photographer I've always been the person behind the camera snapping away, even when it was just a point and shoot in middle school, but still I loved it. But everything wasn't so "rushed" and instant then. You'd develop, or upload, edit and put your pictures up, or in an album to share, and show to people as mementos, it wasn't so instantaneous.
  But anywho, I digress, that could be a whole post in itself. I supposed I stopped writing, and caring about giving my own opinion, cause theres so damn many out there. Which blows because I'm so overly opinionated. I doubt anyones ever noticed but as many times as I've wanted to comment on a ridiculous Facebook post, or convey my political opinions, or even talk about the latest ongoing drama in social media with all the article posts and such, I never have. Even with some of the most ignorant opinions there are. I stopped wanted to even associate let alone add to the stupidity that is Facebook and social media. I even came close to deleting my accounts a few times, I know people who do it repetitively. But I didn't want to succumb to the level of people who have to delete it because of reasons like that, or because they have a problem with someone, because thats just ridiculous too. When people delete their social media accounts, nose in the air and are very adamant on instilling in others that they should their pages because "social media is the downfall of the generations". Uhh, yes and mostly no. They are right that our generation use social media in ways which dictate the way they live their lives. But its a weaker personality that lets that happen and has to delete it or they can't live their lives. Social media is a very tricky thing and when balanced can be great and useful. It's what you make of it.

   I guess maybe I guess spouting my opinions, or maybe I just miss writing. I look at my blog now and realize, none of you actually know me. I tried to delve less on the side of myself and more on the side of style and fashion, because of course this is a style blog. But its also about me, and its lacks that. Obviously its hard to 'know' someone through reading words on a page, but i'm actually quite good a getting my personality across :)

   And now to my point. I'm going to start writing on here and divulge more of myself and my thoughts on the blog, instead of keeping them locked away in post drafts you'd never see. I figured... why stay silent when I've got so much to say?

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