| Megan  |
(Vintage lace dress/ Sams Necklace)
| Me |
(Lush dress Lulus.com/ Forever 21 Necklace)

Handmade  headpieces

Megan and I really wanted to get a best friend session done for our new scrapbook. My friend Samantha captured these awesome photos, and she brought along with her a whole assortment of amazing floral headpieces, so we just had to do a set with those too. So after our session (coming soon!) quick change into these lofty dresses and after picking out our favorite flowers we took these. I love Megan's look, the lace and the pearls are such a cute, girly combo, she looks like a freaking doll! I chose this bell sleeved dress I think I've shown on here before, but it was perfect with the headpiece I picked out. No shoes, mind you it was like 40 degrees out and we were freezing our asses off, but worth it, we got some great shots. I love the silhouette ones!

xo Natalie


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