Keep Your Head

(7 for All Mankind jeans/ Urban Outfitters boots/ Love J tank/ Deb & Dave bag/ Topshop bird skull ring/ Vintage gold rings)

Monday was a tad hectic, but amidst the errands, we stopped in West Park Village for some Zen (I was in neeed of a nirvana roll) and then took a quick stroll and some snaps before heading off again. When a busy day gets you down I'm a firm believer to treat yourself with a little something... in this case sushi! I feel like once it hits summer in FL, aka temps of 100+, I head straight to the basics when going out. It's just so damn hot! These bellbottoms are so comfy, and look awesome with a pair of ankle boots and a tank. Some rad sunnies, lots of gold rings, and I was ready to go.  

x Natalie


  1. Nice photos and great look! What's that yummy thing there? :)

    1. Its a Nirvana roll from my favorite Sushi place -soo yummy! And thank you x

  2. That food looks so good! And I'm obsessed with your hair.xx

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