Its Saturday and this girl is ready to party.

On me:
'This girl can Party" tee: Local Celebrity
Black fringe shorts: Better B @(
Black faux fur bag: H&M
Black boots: Forever 21
Bronze cuff & ring- Fossil

ITS SATURDAY B******! This past week has been so stressful and non-stop (reason for my lack of outfit posts) and tonight i am ready to dance around and rid myself of this weeks worries.  SO when i saw this truthful tee in the back of my closet, i knew i had to wear it around all dayyyyyy haha, This girl can Party ;) My hairs acting a fool today so i tamed it with a bandana, and threw in bronzed jewelry with black fur accessories. Right now my boyfriend has taken over making our food and I am posting this, for we are going to head out in a little to run some errands and get some goodies for tonight. Have fun and be safe this Saturday everyone! 

Je suis Natalie


  1. The headband is nice
    Love the short black pants too!

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  2. Thank you Akria! Ill definitely check out your blog! xx

  3. Really like this casual outfit it fits good on you! <3
    Visit my blog and if you like we can follow each other!


  4. Thank you so much boo! Yes of course, ill head over and check out your blog right now, would love to follow :) xo


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